Monday, December 27, 2010


More then a little irritated today.

Not only did that false hope equate to a slap in the face, the cramps when they started were so debilitating that I did nothing all day. I managed to have 3 baths (because thats the only thing that seemed to help) but the one GOOD side was that the fertility crap would get underway.

so I thought.

I'm under instruction to go get bloodwork done on day 3, when I call the office they say check the website that is (surprise!) down, so I guess I have to show up and hope they're open. I was supposed to contact the assistant to my RE to schedule an ultrasound for day 3 (which is tomorrow) but they're out of the office until: *drumroll* jan 4th. so now, I get to wait another month and a half.

I get that they should have vacations, but hell, can't they assign 1 person to pick up phone messages? or let me *gulp* schedule my own ultrasound?

ridiculous. my day is ruined. ./end bitch.

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